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I have tried, awful hard....

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To make my "new" SA standard model M1A malfunction, misfeed, or jam. I have really put this one through the "wringer".
My handloads, the Aussie and Port milsurp. Accuracy is best with the Aussie, but the Port. aint bad.

I care much more about reliability than anything else.

So far, no complaints at all.

For what it's worth.
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You tend to listen to those who have done so. Some of what I read is , I think, maybe a little slanted. (regarding reliability). For what I'm doing, I need the downright skinny-so....I'll trot my own crap out and see what I can glean frrom the response.
I have had some luck with the Nosler 150s, but-

For a public forum, my point is hard to define. It's still th

OK, Im tired of this crap. typing and typing only to find that its been cut off by some site oriented thing where you needed to push a button or hit a key....else it's lost. Sorry, maybe I should be bigger than this, but tough #$%@. enough is enough.

I have learned much on the computer, but...I should take a breather, or quit....I'll take a br

Or maybe I'll just quit the damned if it wont even let me sign off well.
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