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Normally, a sling wouldn't be a cause for celebration or even a post but this was something unusual and very special for me...

I got my "first" Custom Les Tam sling! I had ordered it quite some time ago but was never able to pick it up! Yep, I said, pick it up... Les Tam is a "Hawaii" person! So all I had to do was drive a bit and pick the darn thing up! How cool. Almost 99% percent of everything I get is from the mainland... and the shipping... Wow!

The cause for the hoopla? Man, this is the most gorgeous piece of leather that I own... It's probably as thick as my IPSC pistol belts.

Anyway, I shot some pics and thought you might enjoy them.


Brass Hooks (will turn green if not kept up)...

Nice thick leather, already oiled and ready to go!

The complete Package...

Les Tam Contact Information...

Now I have something to put on my "Devine 710"... :lol: This has really made my day! :lol:

Aloha and Best Wishes,

Tom O.

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I'm glad you got the pic of his business card w/ the e-mail address on it. Last time I spoke with him, he said he wants to CUSTOM make slings for his mainland customers. He wants to know INFO: like your height, length of sling you currently use (if you want longer/shorter), branch of service (if you want a logo), color, etc.......

He really is a pleasure to talk with.

Aloha, Mark
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