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Most of us just don't see the need to acknowledge being a "nerd". LOL

I owned one quite some time ago and got a notice to send it in for "work" to make it acceptable for imprt into the USA. Got it back with a neutered flash hider/muzzle brake. Really pi$$ed me off. Ended up converting that one to an AK style rifle and jumped through a lot of hoops just to make that one "legal" with the number of US parts in it. Pic shown below.......

I did purchase another one while price was still reasonable [still high IMHO] at that time, but not the current ridiculous price. That one is set up with an 8X scope and extra mags w/pouch. No need to post a pic - they all look the same. GI2 Shot it a few times, bought a boat load of 54R ammo, and now it sits in the safe......oh well........


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