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I built this one for me

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As some of you know I am going to be selling the stripper clip guide mod in the near future. I wanted to first make sure that the thing worked on my own rifle. I got this receiver from a person who obtained it from a third party who had a house fire. The receiver had all the temper taken out of it so I had some work to do in finding a heat treater with an FFL, I found one. I first milled the receiver out for a 59, mistake, and then had it hardened. I should have hardened it first and then milled it so the legs wouldn't have been so damn much like glass. I also drilled the hole for the stripper clip guide before the hardening, that was fine.

Before I even started on this project it was obvious there were some problems, the receiver was out of square. The right bolt lug had all the engagement and the left lug none. It was VERY difficult to close the bolt. After I milled the receiver for the 59 mod the receiver seemed to stress relieve itself and I could close the bolt much easier. After the hardening the bolt closed normally so that was a HUGE win! I still didn't have left lug contact though. I lapped the bolt in and it took 500 strokes + or - to get any contact with the left lug but I did get some contact.

I then sent the receiver off to an FFL engraver called Veritas right here in Michigan. I am very happy with the result but it was all pretty pricey by the time hardening and engraving was done. Still though, I'd do it again because I love the look. I silver soldered the stripper clip guide on and got good fill with the solder then started assembly. The assembly went well and I took the rifle out to my range today for testing. I made sure that I went with the longest oprod spring I could fit in the rifle to minimize any chance of heel failure. I started with 18.5" and had short stroking. I checked the stock and had some oprod side rub, sanded it, tried again, still short stroking. I then took the oprod spring down to 18", the minimum spring length, and presto, greatness! The rifle ran like a creampuff with 5 O'clock ejection.

For your viewing pleasure;

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Hello Tin,

We are all eager to hear how the rifle performs. Outstanding job... Art
Frankly, I know that it goes "bang" and does it well. I'll not shoot this thing for groups until it gets quite a bit warmer. I was just happy to have all my fingers and toes when I was done with 10 rounds. There was a lot going on with this receiver.

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