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Hunting question

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Hi guys! Long time no see! Sorry I've been away for so long but I'm back and I have a question to ask ya'll. I currently own a standard Springfield M1A, built in Oct 1979 and a CMP service grade issue Springfield M1 Garand, manufactured in May 1942. I plan on taking one of them hunting here. I was getting my M1 zeroed and was using 5 round clips, first getting a zero with the M2 ball ammo. Since then though I wanted to use commercial grade soft point 30-06 so I bought a Schuster gas plug to replace the G.I. plug, so I won't damage the op rod. My zero has changed now to extreme low elevation and extreme right side windage. Not sure if I wanna take it hunting now. I trust my M1A though and want to consider taking it. One, do you have any recommendations for the M1 Garand I'm having issues with, and two are there any 5 round mags or a magazine block I can legally use?
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You can find 5 round mags at 44mag.com

Specific link here.

I'm going to guess its cheaper then buying from springfield. These are essentially the same mags as well. They can sometimes take a little finesse getting them out when unloading your rifle.

Thought I'd toss this tidbit out as well, though I am far from an expert.

As hunting with an M1A goes, i've been using these as my hunting rounds:

Muzzle velocity is pretty close to standard M80 ball, so no over pressure worries, the ballistic tip will feed correctly, and I can say from experience this round holds together nicely. Sent one through 2 aspen tree's and dug it out of the 3rd. Round held together, and didn't fragment. 165 grain round though, so it might be a little on the light side as a hunting round goes, but it's definitely safer for the rifle.

For zeroing the scope, I'd use these to get in close (cause their cheaper in price), then do my final zero with the above mentioned rounds.

Only 2 grains different in the projectile, 0.01 difference in ballistic coefiecient, and 50 FPS less on muzzle velocity. The two rounds are very close in a ballistic calculator.
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Hey boss if you use the M14 and are just deer hunting try the Hornady 168gr TAP ammo real consistent and expand great
You changed ammo with the M1 so naturally the zero is going to change. Adjust the sights and sight it in at the longest range you feel comfortable taking a shot at an animal. You can fire some rounds at shorter range so you know where it hits there as well. No reason not to feel comfortable with the M1 but take which ever makes you happy. Good luck!
write down the sight setting before you change the sights
You can find 5-round Garand clips on Gunbroker.com. Kind of expensive compared to the regular 8-round clips. Generally they seem to run under $10 apiece. There's one listed right now for $3.25 and a "Buy It Now" price of $3.50, with little under a day to go on the auction.

Here's a link to the auction if you're interested:

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