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I sent my HRA M1 Garand off to Tim Strait (warbird here on TFL & BR) week before last and just got it back today. To say that I am pleased with the result would be an understatement. Tim did a totally fantastic job, and at a great price too. Really a nice looking dark park job. A very rich dark color, almost black. Very nice indeed! 8)

Thanks for the great work Tim, you did a bang-up job & and I couldn't be happier with the rifle! :D

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Hi Tom,

Thanks!! :D

Yup, I'm pretty sure it's an HRA stock. Dunno if it's original to the rifle or not, although I suspect it may be. The rifle had not been through an armory rebuild and the stock had never been sanded or refinished - so it's at least possible that it's original.


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BrutalTuna said:
That's one great looking garand. I love that color on the repark, nice and dark. Do you have a long waiting list Warbird?
Thanks guys

That ole girl looks darn good in that stock.
Now I know what my 2 M1's will look like (I hope ), that is when I find time to get them done. So much work to do and more coming too. :mrgreen:

Hey BT,
I'm running about 2-1/2 weeks right now.
I always have time for members here.

At last count, I have the following guns to build.

3-M1A match rifles
6-M1A standard rifles
3-M1's (full size) 308
3-M1 T26 tankers 308
1-M1 match rifle 308

The following is custom work to do.

3-Single action Bisley's in 45 colt for trigger work & fanning job.
1-Para-Ord custom limited class race gun rework.
2-Remington bolt guns for steel bedding.

It seems that I have come back with a vengance.
Yeah, and I'm lovin every minute of it. :mrgreen:

I also have to say thanks to all of you folks here for helping to make it possible. :wink:
I'll never forget it either.

I also talked with Lou at LRB yesterday so I'll post that in the M14, M1A post above.

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Thanks guys, it's a beauty, warbird did a great job! :D :D :D
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