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How's this for steel and wood?

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I acquired this from a friends estate the other day, I bugged him for it for years before he passed away, I was surprised to hear from his family the other day with a call saying come and get it , it's yours, if you want it. It's a naval salute cannon, I started the restoration process on it yesterday, and spent all day working on it today, I need a firing pin for it, if anyone knows where I can get one or have a set of prints so one can be made I would appreciate any information. Here are some pictures before and some work in progress pictures as well.

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i missed a lot of the postings.

You did a great job on it, like new.

That is a deck mount you have there.

common on signal guns up to 3 inch.

I had a 3 inch naval Dahlgren that was converted to breech loading.

I was on a mount like that about 4 feet high IIRC, it disappeared while I was in the army.

I love those old pieces, the workmanship was flawless.
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