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hey yall... found this awsome website.... looking at knowing every thing i can about the m1a... i bought a socom 16 after my first tour... awsome rifle... unfortunately it collected alot of dust and i never shot till just befor i left for this tour..... little over 3 years after i bought it... i know a shame... any ways the past is behind me and i have rekindled the passion for the
m1a so ive basicly been trying to find out what to do to spiff out my socom when i get back... befor i left i bought a smith enterprises gas lock with a pws fsc30 muzzle brake and a smith enterprises gas plug... also i put a recoil buffer on it as well... this is great for recoil and reaquisition of target... how ever i would like to see just how far i can push the accuracy on the weapon now... i already want to put a nm front sight post and rear, and a nm piston and nm guide rod, and im not sure if they make a nm bolt? perhaps some one knows? any ways this website is great and i have so many ideas and aswers to questions from all you fellas on here... im glad to be apart of the forum...
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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