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howdy from iraq

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hey yall... found this awsome website.... looking at knowing every thing i can about the m1a... i bought a socom 16 after my first tour... awsome rifle... unfortunately it collected alot of dust and i never shot till just befor i left for this tour..... little over 3 years after i bought it... i know a shame... any ways the past is behind me and i have rekindled the passion for the
m1a so ive basicly been trying to find out what to do to spiff out my socom when i get back... befor i left i bought a smith enterprises gas lock with a pws fsc30 muzzle brake and a smith enterprises gas plug... also i put a recoil buffer on it as well... this is great for recoil and reaquisition of target... how ever i would like to see just how far i can push the accuracy on the weapon now... i already want to put a nm front sight post and rear, and a nm piston and nm guide rod, and im not sure if they make a nm bolt? perhaps some one knows? any ways this website is great and i have so many ideas and aswers to questions from all you fellas on here... im glad to be apart of the forum...
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Thanks for your service!
Welcome aboard!we are glad to have you,stay safe.
Welcome to the forum from NorCal. You will find a lot of people here who shoot and really like the SOCOM. There are a couple of options on the NM front sight, I chose to use a SEI SOCOM GLFS which raises the front sight height to the point that it takes a regular .062 front sight.

As for longer ranges, check threads by a member named RAMMAC regarding roll your owns tailored to the SOCOM.

Lots more to be found, have fun and thanks for your service.
Welcome aboard and thank you for your service to the republic.

You've certainly come to the right place to learn about your M-1A.

Welcome sir and thank you for your service. I have a son in Iraq at the moment. Looks like he is keeping good company. The Socom is an awsome tool.
Semper Fi
Right On Bradduh!!

Aloha and Welcome MichMil,

Yup.........just use the search box for key words you are looking for and there you have it. If not found, do not hesitate to ask your questions here.DI5

Welcome to the forum. Just got back from that sh*thole myself.
Welcome from Mountain Home, Idaho!
Welcome to the forum and Thank you for your service, if you have the chance try and get your hands on an M14 while in Iraq and start enjoying and get to know the rifle, you won't be disappointed. be safe. we want you back as soon as possible
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