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Many of us feel our rifles shoot better than we do. Lets push our limits! Here are some articles from CMP.

"Thinking your way to success"

I like the line: "Each shot should be treated as an individual event."
Just because the price of ammo might be declining doesn't mean more down range automatically makes a better marksman. Each effort should be deliberate.

"Developing a Training Plan"

I like the line: " A good training plan will allow you to use your time more effectively and be one of the shooters expecting to win rather than one who is just emptying brass."
Often I spend 5 hours by myself at a private range and only go through 80 rounds. I apply what I have read about and respond to results I get. Go deeper and try again with finer attention to weak areas.

Here's the general list of helpful articles:


This is clearly not the only good info in the world. But if it helps a few more be better in their pursuit of shooting sports, then mission accomplished.
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