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What a coincidence I am reading about the NVANG presently.

McD"s Phantom II was kind of unstable with a lot of compromises to fly. Those J79's could deliver when asked. To bad they did not have thrust vectoring or a little bit bigger wing with more fuel capacity, allot more fuel, those J's could get with the program.

I worked at the Aircraft Plant in St. Louis a few times over the years, construction. And I think that between the Phantom and the Eagle on takeoff the Phantom seemed louder, thundering, although the Eagle had 8,000 more lbs of afterburner thrust per Pratt Whitney Turbofan.

And the Eagle would viking get to angels, roll under and drift off. Working at the end of the runway and having McD Fighters take off a few hundred feet over your head makes quite an impression, permanent smile, and chasing my hardhat.

When the 131st Fighter Wing was at Lambert we could expect sorties everyday. Not counting the Plant testing new or maintained Aircraft. Hornets, Harriers, Eagles, Now the Eagle EX the T-X Trainer.

Its not all fun and glory flying Combat Aircraft. And it is a fallacy, crime that the Pilots, Aviators are treated the way they were,are just because they need, require seat time to stay razor sharp. The Best in the world, Pilots, Aviators in all Branches are leaving the Service of their Country because they can not do their job because of bleeding resources to unmanned aircraft.

What happens if we go HOT? Send in the drones.
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