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How Small is this World?

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A few weeks ago, I was at the range having fun and while chatting with a group of people (the usual coffee and BS time)... a fellow walked up and asked if I was shooting scoped M1A's... I, of course, replied "YES"... well he asked if he could look at my setup and my rifles... and always the "ham", of course, I said "sure come on over"....

When we got to my section, where I was shooting, he kinda looked at my rifles funny.... I thought he saw something wrong with my rifles or setup... then, he said "you dig hawaii?" Not thinking, I said, yeah its a great place to live (thinking how strange he was a local guy...) then, he said "NO, ARE you DigHawaii?"... Hahaha, that almost floored me, no one, I thought, knew who I was much less in my own back yard... but I did anwser "Yep"... and then he said, "I've been on BR.com and recognized your rifles..." Hahaha, again, I had to laugh... he recognized the guns but not me... that was funny... and I know I seen this person before as well... but we never crossed paths... well, we both had a good laugh on that!

And, I think this is the start of a new friendship and it started with our beloved M14/M1A rifles...

Howard does not post and only "lurks" but finds the info on BR.com, to be the best source of related information on the M14/M1A, in which he also has many... he will be bringing down his Fulton Armory M14/M1A soon... and I can't wait to see it... I think he has at least four M14/M1A rifles and two receivers waiting to be built on...

Anyway, I thought this was a funny M14/M1A related story and wanted to share this with all of you... and these forums sure does make this world a lot smaller... ya never know who will be shooting next to you...

Aloha and Best Wishes,

Tom O.
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Believe it or not Tom, I have had this happen to me more than once out here and again upstste NY at the range at Camp Smith. It's quite a wierd feeling.... Good going....now ya gotta get yer newfound friend over here on the firing line. :D
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