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How not to get ripped off on used m1a

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This is for the guy that has been interested in a m1a and is ready to buy .This hypothetical buyer is looking at spending 1000 to 1500 bucks .He isn't a competitive shooter just a guy with a job and family and 1500 dollars is a lot of money ,probabally the largest thing he will buy himself until his kids get out of college .He knows what the new springfeilds go for and he has his eye on a couple of used possible deals .Ok experts what does he look for to not get ripped off .i will start with the obvious ,if it is too good to be true it is probabally not true.
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Ok guys good information ,keep it comeing .
Good point on the usgi parts not being new kurtC as my own 1999 118k serial range has usgi parts but the gas cylinder housing is refurbished if you look real close with magnifier and know what to look for it shows .ok so rule 1 compare to new prices .rule 2 stick with reputable dealers and builders,rule 3 know your serial number range and look for usgi parts but look very carefully.also rule 4 kurtC is correct expect to pay for what you get .Ok I have to edit here I just looked at the price for new SAI rifles on gander mountains site . Yea kurtC is correct 1500 bucks would be a deal so let's say guy saves a little more money now he has 15 hundred to say 2 grand to spend ?
Yea that pre ban in the px is nice if I had the extra green I would get it just because
Ok a couple more rules 5 beware national match rifle especially if it has only been fired 200 rounds ,rule 6 buy from m14 forum members with good reputations if possible thanks Art .
1 - 5 of 46 Posts
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