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How not to get ripped off on used m1a

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This is for the guy that has been interested in a m1a and is ready to buy .This hypothetical buyer is looking at spending 1000 to 1500 bucks .He isn't a competitive shooter just a guy with a job and family and 1500 dollars is a lot of money ,probabally the largest thing he will buy himself until his kids get out of college .He knows what the new springfeilds go for and he has his eye on a couple of used possible deals .Ok experts what does he look for to not get ripped off .i will start with the obvious ,if it is too good to be true it is probabally not true.
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That price point is tough and only achievable with patience and knowledge. The safest way to buy is to see the rifle in person, but the best deals are usually on-line. Any on-line buy must come with some sort of inspection period unless you are super confident (not the first time buyer you describe). don't hesitate to ask questions of the seller.

Bore condition is usually my first real indicator on a used gun. Besides being important for good accuracy and function, it indicates if a used gun was well cared for and stored carefully. This rule can be a little fuzzy for older Mil-surp stuff, but I think it holds for a used M1A built in the last 30 years.

Overall condition of the metal finish and wood also tips you off to care and use the rifle has seen. Multiple stock dings, Gouges in the muzzle, sight ears....be carful.

Another way to get a good buy is to look for something broken that is easy/inexpensive to fix or replace. It is shocking how many people are utterly incapable of even basic repair. A missing front sight, broken rear app, loose knobs, missing sling swivels, jacked-up butt plates, and heavy triggers are all things that can save you money.
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