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How not to get ripped off on used m1a

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This is for the guy that has been interested in a m1a and is ready to buy .This hypothetical buyer is looking at spending 1000 to 1500 bucks .He isn't a competitive shooter just a guy with a job and family and 1500 dollars is a lot of money ,probabally the largest thing he will buy himself until his kids get out of college .He knows what the new springfeilds go for and he has his eye on a couple of used possible deals .Ok experts what does he look for to not get ripped off .i will start with the obvious ,if it is too good to be true it is probabally not true.
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For the sake of the kids,

get out now,

while you still can!

If you cannot,
if thoughts of the dark mistress with the exposed bolt won't let you rest - whoa unto you! For your's is likely the fate of all others here at The Firing Line Public Forum. We, who write of our experiences and tell tale of owning and making adjustments grand and minuet to she who's profile is know in all corners. We who claim to own one or more of the dark mistresses make it an inviting thing. You will join us, we who dipped our toe, by choice or by force, into a swamp of things M14/M1A, and are forever now lost in it. Her attraction, her wood and metal, the cut of her lines, the power she unleashes at your command, to be envied at ranges by all sorts of other, unencumbered, men. To hold her up in trophy like display, at the range, with your proud face on, while knowing, knowing in your blackened heart that she owns you!

I say go brand new SAI for a starter, get the warranty and assurance you have a factory backed product with a current market value. As you learn more you can save your pennies and get a custom or higher end if you want.
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