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How does one increase accuracy of a Blackfeather stocked rifle?

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I recently had forceman rebarrel my old 'Jeep Gun' in a Blackfeather stock with one of Jon Wolfes mod/std wt 22" 5r/20 barrels and am now trying to get it to shoot...
I installed last Sunday Midways 99 dollar unitized gas assembly and it did seem to help some along with relieving the handguard some. Have been using hornady 168gr hpbt's @ 2.81 coal.

Any thoughts guys? What works for you?

Trying to get a good deer/jeep play gun here that is as accurate as can be.

What I shot today with her:
Plant Musical instrument Grass Motor vehicle Gas
Hand Space bar Handwriting Netbook Gesture
Handwriting Rectangle Font Wood Pattern
Gesture Handwriting Font Gas Thumb
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How many rounds down that new barrel?
On a new gun especially a 30 cal I will use some of these. I bought one kit and will use like 3-5 bullets on a new rifle during barrel break in.

You might want to experiment a bit with OAL or even try a bit of neck sizing.
Steedgun I have maybe approaching 150rds I'd guess and thing it is breaking in.

Jarhead! It is one of Jon Wolfe's mod/std weight 5r/20's. 22" 1/11 nitrited. Am really liking it so far and need to start finding a loading it likes.

OK. Just my opinion. I don't sweat accuracy until I have at least 300 rounds through a barrel. Like I mentioned above I will use a few lapping bullets if I think it needs more help cleaning out burrs, etc. Also, with my M21 I found that loads that are about 3/4ths of full power group the best for me so if you are not needing to reach out too far maybe try some different loads.
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