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Hornady TAP 5.56 70grn GMX Barrier

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Anyone else here using it?

I participated in a T&E using this ammo and liked it very much. I was using the Hornady TAP 60grn VMAX, but decided to switch after my testing. I ordered 500rds from Mile High Shooting, it'll be in this Saturday.




No, the linked tests and testimonials are not mine. I was aiding a local LE agency in their testing, and they asked that I not disclose any particulars. Not that any of it was exactly earth shattering, or info that couldn't be found elsewhere, but I acquiesced to their wishes.
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I've informally fired a few rounds of it. Only tested it on paper. I'm interested in the Hornady as a viable alternative to the Barnes when not available.

You stated you couldn't divulge any test results, but could you say whether or not the test results you witnessed were inline with the published results on Hornady's website?
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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