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Home made cheek riser for M1a with scope

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After a couple trips to the range with my new scope mounted to my Springfield M1a I decided that I absolutely need a cheek riser. Maybe a no brainer to most, but am relatively new to optics. After a lot of research and talking to more experienced friends I opted to make my own rather than buy one that required me to drill into my stock. Being that I'm left-handed, most of the strap on padded types aren't really an option.

I've seen it referenced in several other threads, but I opted for this method based largely on my buddy's suggestion. I figured he was qualified since he used this technique as a Squad Designated Marksman for the 10th Mtn in Afghanstan.

I found a video on Youtube at one point of someone actually doing this whole process, but have not found it since. So, I figured I'd send this out to anyone else who may be in a similar situation as myself.

Task: Install homemade cheek riser on Springfield M1a/M14 type rifle

Condition: Given old foam sleeping pad, 100 mph tape, measuring tape, box cutter, Cabela's camo self-adhesive tape, rifle and optic.

Standard: Successfully instal cheek riser to the appropriate hight in order to accomodate use of optics with M1a rifle

1) Always ensure your rifle is unloaded and cleared (required disclaimer).
2) Brace your rifle in an upright position using a vice, bipod or other stabilizing device.
3) Cutting from the bottom of the pad (so as to still be able to use the pad) cut several 1.25 inch wide stips to desired length (approximately 5 inches for me).
4) Assume various firing positions and identify the appropriate location for your cheekwield.
5) Using 100mph tape secure one strip of foam to the comb of the stock at the predetermined location.
6) verify hight and position of foam strip.
7) repeat steps 5 and 6 until desired eye relief is achieved with the optic. (approximately 1.5 inches high with my current rings)
8) Wrap completed riser with self-adhesive tape to cover the unsightly use of duct tape on your rifle and to further stabilize.
9) Optional: Also wrap several layers around the pistol grip to provide better grip and finger placement on the trigger.

I haven't taken it to the range yet, but it seems like a very stable platform. And, even though it looks kind of silly and I'm not a big fan of the camo color, I am happy about the finished product.

Hope this helps. Here are some pictures of my finished product. Should have moved the tools out of the backround, but I never claimed to be a photographer.
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doesnt have to be pretty, it just has to work. i actually did a similar thing to my rifle. but had to buy a 'real' cheek riser cause my wife said the home made one looks ugly. dont need to be told twice to buy another part for my firearm.

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Also a lefty, this is pretty much what I do with the M24. For my M1A though I like the Coyote cheek pad. 50 bucks very well spent.
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