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So I'm sitting there at work looking at what I needed for reloading a nice skeet load. Settled on 17.5 gr Green Dot with 1 1/8 oz of shot. Nice light load and plenty of shot to get the clay pigeon.

So I'm looking around and I notice we got 5 lb boxes of 4, 00 and 000 buckshot. Gonna have to try this and see what happens.

Near as I can figure the skeet load is $5 a box to buy it, and about $2.80 to reload it. The buck shot is $4 for 5 rounds and $1.10 for 5 rounds to reload it.

Man I thought I was in trouble before... This is gonna be bad.

So for those that reload shotgun, How do you figure out what you should have for wad pressure?
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