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High power builder ?

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Does anyone know of a good gunsmith that knows how to build up a 1903 for match rifle use ?

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just a word though he's very expensive and is very set in what he wants to do with your rifle.
I considered him and his price doesn't bother me near as much as what he wants to do with a project that I know what I want . Warbird is busy with Garands and stuff so I'm still nosing around . DGR doesn't do the metal work I need , but he is likely to get the woodwork and the task of parking the beast . ;)

Thanks RR6


Glad to be a help. The owner of NMA is a super nice fella, but from the way he talked to me when I called him, you'll get what he wants most likely in addition to what you want.
I was going to have him put my Dads DCM Remington 03A3 in a military finish "C" stock, that was all I wanted and told him so. His reply to my request was that he would smooth up the trigger and most likely re-park the rifle. Well see'n as the rifle was used I think ONCE the entire time it been in the family, it doesnt need to be reparked and the trigger is just fine I decided to take my bsiness elsewhere.
Dont get me wrong he does beautiful work , just his customer/potential customer service needs alot of work.

I can appreicieate his making rifles the way he wants and getting paid for it . It just seems reasonable that if I'm doing the paying then I'd get it my way .
I had a fella put some new sights on a .45 pistol for me once . A simple job right ?, out with the old and in with the new . But noooooooo ..... Mister I wanna impress you with my ability to black oxide strips the green parkerized finish of the slide that just so happened to match my frame because he said " It looked a little worn" :roll:

Still looking for someone who knows how to do this right .

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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