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Hep-A Warning from Tropical Smoothie Strawberries

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Warning for eastern VA...

Tropical Smoothie Cafe patrons are at risk for Hepatitis A due to contaminated strawberries supplied via Egypt...


My wife is getting the vaccine now since she eats it pretty regularly. Uncle Sam gave me the vaccine a few years ago but my wife is 23 weeks pregnant and we don't want to pass it on to the baby. Got to love American capitalism. Buying strawberries from Egypt?

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Don't buy your honey from china

China has a HUGE thriving market here, in the United States, selling what they call "honey", when in fact it is mostly sucrose and some thickeners to make it look like honey. I've been buying honey from a guy who has his own hives. I didn't know how damn good honey was until I tasted real honey. The crap from overseas is almost tasteless to me now and I won't touch it. We don't need globalization.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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