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Hep-A Warning from Tropical Smoothie Strawberries

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Warning for eastern VA...

Tropical Smoothie Cafe patrons are at risk for Hepatitis A due to contaminated strawberries supplied via Egypt...


My wife is getting the vaccine now since she eats it pretty regularly. Uncle Sam gave me the vaccine a few years ago but my wife is 23 weeks pregnant and we don't want to pass it on to the baby. Got to love American capitalism. Buying strawberries from Egypt?

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Already had Hep-A - at Boot Camp, San Diego, 1974.

I don't donate blood.
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Globalization is here, get on with life. I can sit here and text message a friend in Australia, real time, from Iowa. The Earth is FLAT.

America exported jobs to China, dirty jobs, crap jobs that the MBA-soaked liberals wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. America also exported a lot of the pollution that those jobs generated. Ha ha, with the good comes the bad.

As time goes by and we don't have some huge global conflagration to knock down human population in double digit percentages then more and more people will be added to the over-educated, under-skilled ranks. Day will come you won't be able to get designer shirts made for a buck then shipped somewhere else to make a profit. Even as robotic ships using sail power make it even cheaper to move masses of "stuff" world-wide.

What happens then? Everyone is a robotics type; builder, maintainer, programmer, developer. Jobs like patching roads: gone to the robots. Heaven forbid but mentally handicapped people will be in high demand to do the "meanial" jobs.

BTW - the 'trophy wife' of this dystopia will be the woman who can program and operate the fancy CNC sewing machine in the spare bedroom and make you a set of jeans for whatever the price of materials and save you the $250 price tag at Walmart. That's right, $250 a pair, because those liberals worldwide won't do that kind of work - it's demeaning and below, well below their level of degreed education.

Even though if you handed them a right-hand threaded bolt and a left-hand threaded nut they would die of old age before figuring out why they won't go together.

Just my opinion, subject to change without notice.
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I'm sort of sorry I added to the escalation, however, the USN gave me Hep-A in boot camp due to bad food handling practices. It was the biggest outbreak until a fast food chain had the problem in Pennsylvania (?).

Hep-A is about as lethal as a bad cold, something like 1 in 10,000 die. Sick as a dying dog for 5 weeks, toxins in your blood turn you yellow, but a darker yellow than Homer Simpson. For 2 years I was mosquito-proof, but that wore off, too.

Life is a 4 letter word.
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