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Help with M1As

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Hey guys looking for some help. I came across two M1As in the same week. I paid 900 each for them but now need to part with one. I am clueless when it comes to the M1As so I need help.Both are SA M1As and in excellent condition. Both have USGI wood. Which is more valueable? Which do I keep?
The first is SA serial#085XXX.
Bolt-marked 7790186 SA Z3
barrel-has defense eagle with proof P.
Numbers on barrel is SA F7790190 6 61 Y4, There is also the number 18 further up. Oprod unmarked
Trigger housing#72677030 66118
hammer 66118 5546008
safety is unmarked
umarked rear sight

Second SA is serial#018XXX
bolt-TRW ZG 7790186..safety marked-4 WRA..hammer 646008-7SA..rear sight-WCE..oprod 7267064HRA..Trigger Housing#7267030-HR-N..
"NM" stamped in two places on barrel..Barrel marked SAK-7791-362-3-76-8098240 also a "H" under the barrel

Please help. Which one should stay? Thanks JimDI5
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I say #2 too, only because I'm 10 minutes away from you and would like to buy #1. Let me know on that.
Well, #2 is preban early serial number(number 1 is postban but not by much). But mostly because of the SAK barrel it has,it's very uncommon.
I'm pretty good with M1A's and I'm really only 10 minutes away.I'm off west 130th in between I-480 and I-71,right accross from West end lumber. I PM'ed you with my number.
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