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Help with an older Trijicon

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Hey guys, I have an older (early 2000s?) 1.5x-5x32mm trijicon scope but I can't seem to find much out about it... like if they even made one. Maybe my google-fu isn't strong, but i can't seem to turn anything up about it. It also seems that the tritium for the reticle is dead. I wanted to see if you guys know if trijicon can refuel the tritium and it this is a solid/acceptable optic to run on my SA Loaded M1a?
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I don't know about their regular scope but I knew a man who worked at the local gun store who often had fits of rage that for some reason got mad at his AR and thru it on the floor with his Acog attached and broke the Acog. He shipped it back to the company and told them what happened and the replaced it on the spot with a new one..Don't discount them yet. As Polack said give them a ring!
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