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Been browsing this board pretty heavily the last couple of days.

I just picked up a Polytech M14 with a reported bolt that will close on the no-go Gage (no I have not checked it myself nor will I be able to until September)

In the mean time I am trying to figure out what I want to do with an un-fired Chinese M14. Attempt to fit a TRW bolt I picked up along with a barrel or send it to Clayton at West Texas.

Alot of guys here have been asking the same questions I have going through my mind. "Can I try this myself or should I just send it off?"

Mr. Kuhnhausens book is $45.00, Clayton at WTO charges $65.00 to install a GI bolt and Barrel. Smith enterprises wants to charge $675 for a similar job but to include heat treating the receiver. Yes I bought Mr. Kuhnhausen's book for the Mauser Rifle, so I know his books are in-depth.

If these guys are reading the same material I am, I am pretty sure they have similar thoughts going through their head. Which way do I spend my funds for this project. If I am trying to save $50-75 each month to do this (called a family budget). This book is almost of luxury, not a necessity.

Myself, I am looking at wanting to do this as an amateur hobby. I realize that these books are just that, a reference, not a does all, knows all solution. It still takes input from other people to get a better feel for what you are doing. Which brings us to this board.

So why is it, no one wants to give a legitimate answer to our questions, other than, "buy so and so's book from here or there?"
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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