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i had the same situation, with my poly, i did it myself, you do not have to change the bbl on the polys. just the bolt. fit the bolt with jb bore cleaner paste it is a very light lapping compound, work your bolt in using the compound only on the rear of the lugs this will take about a day of lapping wiping and lapping. i did mine so it just barely closed on a go gauge, min headspace. works just fine.. those poly bbls are good bbls. mine now shoots as well as my match gun off a bench 100 yards it puts 1o rounds of imi ball into 7/10's in group all day.
dont waste your money sending it off, the only other part you will need that is chinese is ths gas cylinger lock and that can be used in front of a chinese or g.i gas system, and keep your castle nut for your flash its on ametric thread also, everything else inter changes. all that stuff about chinese guns being off tolerence is just stuff . as long as you are using a poly receiver, norincos on the other hand are usually off tolerence and soft.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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