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If you confirm the bolt closes on a .308 Winchester No Go gauge 1.634, this would still be ok for shooting .308 Winchester commercial ammo and the correct headspace for 7.62 NATO milsurp ammo. If it closes on a .308 Winchester Field gauge 1.638, then it would still be ok for shooting 7.62 NATO ammo but not .308 Winchester commercial ammo.

Also, if your Chinese rifle is unfired and headspaces correctly, why would you send it off for work? Unless the bolt lugs start to peen badly, it should be good to shoot as it is. Even if you need to replace the bolt with a USGI bolt, Chinese barrels are very accurate.

Before you attempt any work on an M14 type rifle, you should read Kuhnhausen's Shop Manual to obtain a basic understanding of what is involved. If you do not understand the specifications and the procedures for working on these rifles, your attempt to modify them can be unsafe and result in serious injury or death.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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