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help wanted, not an ad plug

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Been browsing this board pretty heavily the last couple of days.

I just picked up a Polytech M14 with a reported bolt that will close on the no-go Gage (no I have not checked it myself nor will I be able to until September)

In the mean time I am trying to figure out what I want to do with an un-fired Chinese M14. Attempt to fit a TRW bolt I picked up along with a barrel or send it to Clayton at West Texas.

Alot of guys here have been asking the same questions I have going through my mind. "Can I try this myself or should I just send it off?"

Mr. Kuhnhausens book is $45.00, Clayton at WTO charges $65.00 to install a GI bolt and Barrel. Smith enterprises wants to charge $675 for a similar job but to include heat treating the receiver. Yes I bought Mr. Kuhnhausen's book for the Mauser Rifle, so I know his books are in-depth.

If these guys are reading the same material I am, I am pretty sure they have similar thoughts going through their head. Which way do I spend my funds for this project. If I am trying to save $50-75 each month to do this (called a family budget). This book is almost of luxury, not a necessity.

Myself, I am looking at wanting to do this as an amateur hobby. I realize that these books are just that, a reference, not a does all, knows all solution. It still takes input from other people to get a better feel for what you are doing. Which brings us to this board.

So why is it, no one wants to give a legitimate answer to our questions, other than, "buy so and so's book from here or there?"
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The K manual won't tell you step by step how to do a chicom conversion to USGI. It tells you what to check and how to fix it if you find it (and a lot of it will be beyond your means). If you do the conversion yourself, you should probably have the book. Otherwise, I'd send it off and put the book on your X-mas list.

I posted the best and fullest description of the conversion that I've found in the thread below. To do it correctly is usually very involved but it will last (or you can do it half-right which is about the same as putting new tires on a car with an alignment problem).
If you confirm the bolt closes on a .308 Winchester No Go gauge 1.634, this would still be ok for shooting .308 Winchester commercial ammo and the correct headspace for 7.62 NATO milsurp ammo. If it closes on a .308 Winchester Field gauge 1.638, then it would still be ok for shooting 7.62 NATO ammo but not .308 Winchester commercial ammo.

Also, if your Chinese rifle is unfired and headspaces correctly, why would you send it off for work? Unless the bolt lugs start to peen badly, it should be good to shoot as it is. Even if you need to replace the bolt with a USGI bolt, Chinese barrels are very accurate.

Before you attempt any work on an M14 type rifle, you should read Kuhnhausen's Shop Manual to obtain a basic understanding of what is involved. If you do not understand the specifications and the procedures for working on these rifles, your attempt to modify them can be unsafe and result in serious injury or death.

i had the same situation, with my poly, i did it myself, you do not have to change the bbl on the polys. just the bolt. fit the bolt with jb bore cleaner paste it is a very light lapping compound, work your bolt in using the compound only on the rear of the lugs this will take about a day of lapping wiping and lapping. i did mine so it just barely closed on a go gauge, min headspace. works just fine.. those poly bbls are good bbls. mine now shoots as well as my match gun off a bench 100 yards it puts 1o rounds of imi ball into 7/10's in group all day.
dont waste your money sending it off, the only other part you will need that is chinese is ths gas cylinger lock and that can be used in front of a chinese or g.i gas system, and keep your castle nut for your flash its on ametric thread also, everything else inter changes. all that stuff about chinese guns being off tolerence is just stuff . as long as you are using a poly receiver, norincos on the other hand are usually off tolerence and soft.
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