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I recently bought a Savage Mod. 11G original chambered in .223 rem but it has a 5.45x39 barrel installed. The guy I bought it from have had some bad experiences with it like "slam fire" when closing the bolt, loose bolts etc. He is not interrested in fixing rifles so if they don't work, he dosen't like them or simply he has to many he parts with them.

Because he does not take the best care of his rifles and because I want to change the barrel between the 5.45 and the .223 I was wondering if you guys could recommend good headspace gauges for the 5.45x39.

I'm planning on reaming the .223 to a 5.56 NATO so if I could get the go and no go gauges from the same place that would be awesome.

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I use products from this company:

Since 1957, Pacific Tool & Gauge, Inc. has been the leading global manufacturer of precision cutting tools and custom parts for the Firearms, Automotive, & Aerospace industries. We are committed to bringing our customers the highest quality product, using the latest manufacturing technology, at the best price. Our ongoing innovation in the science of cutting tool design has resulted in strong demand for our products, and our company has grown and expanded rapidly.


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