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Help needed in Iraq

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Below is a mssg posted at the FAL files mssg board. If anybody can help out, pitch in and drop this guy an email. Or pass it along to anybody you may know who can help this guy out.


Looking for a timing and headspace gauge for a 1919 and a M2HB. Currently working in a less than fashionable suburb of Baghdad and would REALLY like to get my babies in operation. Please e-mail [email protected] with headspace int he title with prices, and I will PayPal money and send shipping addy.

Thanks for the support guys- without the Files I'd go mad.

Wait a minute I am stark raving, bark at the moon mad.

Thanks for the support guys- without the Files I'd go sane

Currently in Iraq- Snipers Bar & Grille MKIII is open for business somewhere in a somewhat less than fashionable suburb East of Baghdad.

Dollars or Dinars- if it spends it's good.
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got one, for a M2HB, Nat'l Guard Surplus 8) :mrgreen: e-mail @ ya...what else do you need :?: , you never know what th' old Sarge/Captain might have around...
heard from this individual, will post it to him tomorrow 8)
e-mail from recipient:

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you, but commo is kind of sketchy out where we are. Got them and they did the trick- got us 3 1919 and 2 M2's up & running. Thanks again- you're a lifesaver (literally)

Well done, Sir!

Now that's a great way of supporting our troops. Way to go.
American said:
just wondering are we still using 1919's?
got the idea maybe he was a private security type
Jefferson F. Davis said:
American said:
got the idea maybe he was a private security type
My guess would be they are getting them going for the Iraq army/police. There is no telling how much surplus they have acquired over the years to just make do, since I doubt they have much of an weapons factory. And for some reason I don't think Saddam was allowed to place an order with colt. :mrgreen:
They USED to make their own AKs - I saw one at the Foreign Weapons course at APG years ago. It seemed to be quite well made, actually. I dunno what else the Iraqis were making tho.
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