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Different, i think the hammer was cutted to prevent the full auto restoration. I want to replace it as soon i will find a trw hammer.
About the gas cylinder on GB, seller wrote it have the trw logo but i still have not saw any pic.

@ Tankdriver... Well... Here u have only to have fireArm licence then go in a gunshop and buy it. The hard thing is to find a good old vietnm era m14. Scarce here... And expensive ... I payd it 3000 euro... At the actual change...arround 4500$... And i took almost 2 years to find it
That's actually quite cheap unless you left off another zero. People here spend nearly that much for a commercial manufactered, match prepared semi-auto.

Here a transferable m14 would set you back 14,000 euros at a starting point.

congratulations on a bargain.
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