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Help Identifing and assigning Value to Two Shot Guns.

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My mother in law has a friend that has two old shotguns that she wants to sell. Evidently they belonged to her husband and have been in the closet since 1981 when he passed on. Any way my mother in law asked me if I knew what they were worth.

The first shotgun is a Ithaca Deerslayer Model 37, Featherweight 16 gauge
sn #371071XX

The second one is a SA Luigi French Bresein, 20 gauge sn #5702X. Note I tried to look this one up on the Internet and couldnt find anything. upon further digging is not French its Franchi

So my question is what are these worth. I am kind of interested in the Deerslayer for myself although I wish it was a 12 guage.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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Hi hlw33

The Ithaca DeerSlayer is around (80%) $170.00 - (98%) $240.00.
Don't have any info on the Luigi but, I'll do my research on it. By the way what does SA stands for?

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