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Hello from SoCal

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Hey all. Been a lurker on this site for some time now as I have been wanting to get my hands on an M1A rifle. Just pulled the trigger last week on a loaded and being from the very left leaning sunny state of California I need something to do for the next 2-4 weeks before my rifle ships and the 10 day wait begins. Thought I would post a parts list of all the accessories I have already purchased that will be going on the rifle. From what I have learned lurking on this site I will be taking the rifle out and shooting it stock and as is before I start dressing it up. This is my first M1A but def. not my last (want a scout) so let me know your thoughts and opinions on what I have so far. I will be posting some before and after pics as soon as I can take possession.

Parts list:
-SA Loaded purchased from Buds (been reading pros and cons about the shipping from Buds but I thought I would give them a chance)
-Sadlak TIN gas cylinder
-Sadlak guide rod
-m14.ca casm gen 2 mount- This has mixed reviews also but I just don’t trust the 1 bolt/clip guide side mounts. I also love the way it looks even though I have to remove the rear sight pocket.
-Bradley cheek riser-This rifle will be used for hunting and fun but I would like to keep some glass on it.
-Sadlak heavy duty front rail
-Atlas bipod
-I’ll have a vortex spark 2 (love these. I own 3 and they are only 200 bucks) that I will throw on it for a bore hunt comp in Feb. but will eventually throw on something longer range. I have a vortex crossfire 2 that I might put on it.

Let me know what you think. I will be taking it out for a few weekends before my hunting trip so I’ll be able to enjoy it all stock but it won’t stay that way for long. This is why I will probably get the scout in the future. The shorter barrel will be more convenient to take around with me.
Love this community! Have learned a ton. Also RIP to the guy that was killed from a ricochet at raahauge’s gun range in Corona. This is my local range and its never fun to hear about a story like this.
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