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Hello from FL

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Hello, been lurking here for a little while, figured I better join. I don't have and complete M14's yet, but have been dabbling with the M1 Garands and carbine's for a while. Finally broke down and ordered an M14 grade a kit from the CMP, I'm still working on using the site references to see what exactly I have, but from my limited knowledge its an HRA. Looking forward to learning quite a bit as I continue my parts collecting.
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Welcome aboard.
glad to see another Fl member, welocme
Welcome to the forum from NorCal. Don't hesitate to ask questions while collecting parts/building your rifle. Research with the search functions will open up enough material to keep you going for a long time. Jump in and have fun.
Howdy Slim, welcome aboard the M-14 forum. You've come to the right place to learn what you need to know about turning your CMP M-14 kit into a great shooting weapon.

Welcome to the forums from Central Florida! Get an M1A, you wont regret it!

Welcome from Tampa. I think you'll find everything you need here.
Welcome to the forum, enjoy.
Welcome from North Florida
Slim, since you are in the area I would like to invite you to the Florida Defensive Carbine Club's 2-gun match on March 25th. Message me if you are interested and I will shoot you all the details.

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