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Hello, and thanks!

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Hello. My name is Colin, and I bought an m1a.

Found this forum looking for information on the m1a. Like many things, much more to learn than I would have thought.

Am very much enjoying my first semiautomatic, detachable magazine boom stick. Thank you for enhancing the experience!
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Are we catching up on lost time there Simple?
He seems to be welcoming new users that joined months before he did.
He now has exactly the prerequisite 30 posts.
Thanks much!

This forum has saved me headaches already...

swapped out a muzzle brake, the soft hammer approach wasn't dislodging the original. Do I leave it? Bring it to a gunsmith?

Then came across a post by somebody else who already had the same problem. Liquid Wrench, a steel punch, and a few light hammer taps, and I'm IN! (Or out, depending on how you're looking at it.)
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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