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Hello, and thanks!

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Hello. My name is Colin, and I bought an m1a.

Found this forum looking for information on the m1a. Like many things, much more to learn than I would have thought.

Am very much enjoying my first semiautomatic, detachable magazine boom stick. Thank you for enhancing the experience!
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welcome on board and enjoy the site and I hope you post often MuppetMeat4Me.

Thanks all for the hospitality.

If i'm going to post often, I'm going to have to work on different ways to say...

"That's really cool." and "Hmmm.... very interesting."

I'm sure I'll have more questions, but so far, searching through previous answers has been satisfying my absorption quota, exceeding it actually.

If it's not considered sucking up too early, I'd like to say that from what I've read, you guys have a pretty good group in your forum. Knowledge is great, but what I also think is really cool is that everybody is pretty consistent about respecting each other's preferences, even if those preferences might vary quite a bit.

Anyhow, thanks again.
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Welcome from NC...by the way what part of the Muppet do you eat....are they Kosher.?...Baked, fried, or eaten on the half shell?..... Gonzo seems to have several hot dog looking appendages hanging from his body..... is that eatable?, lastly would you consider yourself as a Canamupabul..... inquiring minds here.
To be honest, all of the Muppet I've served was actually chicken sauteed and then browned with grape jelly.

It turns purple, and is a great item to serve little kids.

If I actually get a shot at Elmo, I'll let you know about the real thing. Gonzo, I've got to let the old guy pass. There is so little greatness left in entertainment.

As far as a Canamupabul....

I haven't really answered the question yet...

(Am I a Muppet?)

This place is very international.

As far as ettiquette goes, do I give a generalized group thanks, or do I click 'thanks' on the phantom button on the right of the post?
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Thanks much!

This forum has saved me headaches already...

swapped out a muzzle brake, the soft hammer approach wasn't dislodging the original. Do I leave it? Bring it to a gunsmith?

Then came across a post by somebody else who already had the same problem. Liquid Wrench, a steel punch, and a few light hammer taps, and I'm IN! (Or out, depending on how you're looking at it.)
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