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Headspace questions

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Whats the headspace on your NM,super match and any other match grade m14 you have? Also what is the standard headspce for reg m14 usgi or SA inc? Those who have a douglas barrel on theres and had Champions Choice put it on, like to for sure know yours since mine post to come today from them,but forgot what headspace they did. I had to email them today to find out. Also those who own douglas and those who had CC install the barrel what accuracy you getting and what ammo you using?
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I don't have my notebook handy, but the standard M14 chamber is much larger than SAAMI specs to allow reliable operation for more than 80 rounds. SAAMI NO-GO can serve as a M14 GO gage. If the bolt closes on a SAAMI FIELD (Reject) gage a M14 can still be better than NO-GO.

Match rifles depend on custom hand loaded cartridges and you can play with the cases too.

-- Chuck

Chuck, The headspace on Match M-14 rifles is usually 1.631-1.632. The headspace on a battle rifle is usually 1.634. You can safely use a chamber that gages as much as 1.638 without any problems, this is what a field gage is. Anything longer than field gage will be replaced during depo level maintenance. Sam
Bravo 2, all I can tell you is that I have a Douglas barrel on mine and it shoots GREAT. I don't know what the headspace is, but I have had no problem with handloads from commercial 308 dies (RCBS). No seperation, and the rifle shoots like a house on fire. I do use LC brass and Sierra bullets seated to 2.80 OAL. I does seem that when I have shot some of the bullets loaded up by one of my BR shooting friends, the rifle seems to shoot better with the bullets touching the rifling. However, the ctgs wont feed in the magazine. I don't think I would worry so much about the headspace, just find a load the rifle seems to like and go with it. However, I do feel that unitizing the gas cyl. and bedding so there is pressure on the front furrel is money well spent. As is a good trigger job. Just my .02 worth...Mike
The headspace tags for my Super National Match rifles are 1.631 and 1.632. I believe they are both Douglass barrels.

With handloaded match ammo I've shot inch and a half groups and had a few groups approach one inch using match iron sights from a rest on a bench. I've seated bullets out to 2.825" and still cycled them through my magazines.
I got my douglas match barrel back from Champions Choice today. Its the 6 groove 1/10 twist CM one. I wished it was parked. I got a super match stock for it also thats already glass bedded from a Sa m1a super match the guy owned. Mine is a standard m1a and luckly got a trw barrel on it in very good shape,which i plan on building another with it and also another douglas barreled one. One will be supermatch and other will be DMR and a usgi one. I sent off my gasblock to warbird to get it screwed unitization today and ordered the rooster 33 match op rod guide. I still have Sa inc trigger group and will be lookimg for a usgi one later. I wished CC sent a guage measurement to me to know what its set at, i do know they set them at 1.630-1.633.
bravo2 said:
I got a super match stock for it also thats already glass bedded from a Sa m1a super match the guy owned.
Glass bedding has to be done for a receiver and stock together. The fiberglass resin mates to the receiver. A different receiver will have minot dimensional differences. Putting a different receiver in a glass bedded stock ensures at best a tight fit, at worst it won't fit at all.

The Supermatch is a rear lugged receiver. Your post is not clear if your receiver has a rear lug. In any event I suspect you will need to have the receiver bedded to the stock.

why would someone sell the bedded stock from a supermatch and keep the receiver?
The guy put a m3a stock on his SM that i bought it from. The weird thing is it is already bedded for reg m1a and not sm. I have not fully understood it and not asked about it either. I just know its a 20 yr old gun and must not had rear lug casue the wood still intacked in that area,just bedded top 1/8' in back. I checked and mine fits snug and gets tighter closer to home it goes in and i decided not to completely install upper till i got everything done.Rear lug area is bedded in and you can teel it was a rear lugged setup but been glass bedded in. I got a great deal on the stock and they are hard to come by it seems.
Bravo2, My match rifle has a SA, Inc. Trigger housing. In the 22 years I've had it, no problems. Little trick here, after you get the trigger adjusted to 4 1/2 lbs., take a centerpunch and throw a bur up in the back of the trigger housing where the trigger comes to rest. It will act like a trigger stop and give you a feeling of a lighter pull. It sounds like to me that you are assembling a "tack driver". I think we all here want to see some 100 yd. tiny groups. Best of luck with everything...Mike
Its got a good trigger, feels like its a 4.5 or close, i know its not know 3 and may be between 5 and 6. I need to get it checked, got to see gunsmith anyway.
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