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Heads up re: Brownells barrel vise and bushings kit

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Just wanted to give everyone a heads up so nobody makes the same mistake I did...

If you are ordering a Brownells barrel vise and want the bushings to work with M1A/M14 pattern rifles DO NOT order the kit...Get your barrel vise and bushing kit separately.

If you order the vise and bushing kit together, you only get two bushings. A large and a small. Even though they advertise it as M1A/M14 kit, it is not compatible.

It will work with an M1 Garand, however any M1A/M14 barrel requires two LARGE bushings.

If you order the bushing kit separately, it actually comes with three bushings instead of two...Two large ones and the small one.

Nope, they aren't selling me another large bushing separately. I would have to buy another 3 bushing kit, according to gun tech and customer service lines.
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Probably easier(cheaper) to make new ones. If you can't find a local machinist to help at a reasonable price let me know. I will try to help. Lots of machinists are gun nuts and don't mind helpin a bro out. All I need is the I.D, of the hole in your vise, how long you want them and what kind of material you want them mad from. I had never thought about making them from brass, but it might be a good choice, because of the available stock brass bushings. It would be likely that bushings close to size would be available. Turn OD, bore ID, split with saw and walai less than 1 hr. bushings.
Edit: I just looked in Brownells catalouge. It says bushings are 3" long and 1 3/4" diameter. Is that what you have?

Thanks Ripsaw! Thats a great idea. Never would have thought of it if you hadn't brought it up.

I am gonna have a machinist in town hog out the small M1 Garand bushing to match the other one tomorrow, and just make Garand ones out of wood, maybe.
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