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Heading to the Islip Town Range tomorrow

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Sort if a last minute decision. Me and a buddy are heading to the town of Islip range tomorrow morning around 1030 hrs.
Anyone interested in joining us feel free. I'm testing out some hand loads I made up for the -14 and -15. Hope to see you there. If it is raining I'm not going.

Also the last of the Long Island High Power league winter matches will be held at the peconic river sportsmans club on river rd this Sunday 3/3/13. If your interested let me know and I will send directions. It would be a good idea to observe a match and how it is run prior to shooting a match. Squaring starts at 1000hrs the Colors will be run up around 1100 hrs just before the match.
Although it is not official yet, I heard that the league will be having the SAFS course in April. It will be a different format than previous years, probably going to shoot small bore on day one. If you intend on shooting any matches this year I highly recommend taking the SAFS course. I took it last year and improved my scores drastically. I may even take it again this year. Cost last year was $120 plus the cost of ammo. The league has loaner equipment for free. Pretty sure one of the changes will be a limited number of spots available so when I get the email, I will post up in this section for those that are interested. Taking the SAFS course qualifies you to participate in league matches without having to go and observe a match beforehand if you don't have any experience shooting in a match. Hope to see some of you there this season shooting. Oh cost per match is normally $20, if you take the SAFS course the cost is $10. I'd imagine that wont change.
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