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Hawk Dummy Selector

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Does this look correct? I wanted to check with you guys before a drilled into my stock. If this were a real M14, what is the correct position for the selector to be in for semi-automatic and for full-automatic fire.


took the liberty of cropping and resizing your pic as exceeded the board limits of 400 pixels in width. The R.O.
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I'll give this a go-please feel free to correct me if I'm in error guys.

The "A" on switch will be to the rear with the "ear" up for automatic firing. When turned 180 degrees from this position, it will be semiauto fire.

I believe the connector will have a small gap between it and the oprod groove, when set for semiauto fire. When the selector is positioned for automatic fire, the two will make contact. Sparrowhawk warns to be sure there is some space when it is all tightened down to be sure the rifle will function normally. Try to set it up so there is a slight gap. FWIW-thats how I set mine up. A little grease on the connector contact surfaces really completes the look :mrgreen: (You may have to pull the oprod back slightly when assembling the receiver group into the stock.)
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