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Has anyone tried roosters cheekrest?

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Im curious if anyone has tried roosters cheek rest on their m1a? http://www.whamocamo.bizland.com/rooster33/id8.html

It looks well built and looks like it fastens on well and I want on as soon as $$$ permits Im gonna order one, just wanted to see if there was any feed back.

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You could solicit some feedback on www.canadiangunnutz.com as several of Roosters happy customers hang out there.

Great thanks Mr. Sparkle
I've already taken several orders to install them on camo stocks going out here with other inquiries ta boot ... :wink:

Mine should arrive any day ... :D

I have Rooster's cheek piece on both my Fiberglass stocks.They are well designed and solid.You can also paint them to match you camo stock.

The original design attached only on one side(my desert stock has the 1st generation cheek piece), but was still solid.The ones being made now are fastened from both sides(The woodlands stock has the new style), making the cheek piece even more solid.

Ever since I started posting pics of my rifle on the different firearms boards(AR15.com, battlerifles.com, etc.) I have been swamped with requests on where and how to get one.I have been acting as Rooster's "sales rep", but now he has that fancy webpage courtesy of Six, so my job is done.

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Congrats Skullboy:

That installation, not to mention the rifles, are very impressive!!! Good job!


Tom O.
"Whips out credit card"
That thing come with instructions or template for the holes?
Actually there are no instructions or drilling templates, but it is really easy to install.I can tell you how to do it if needed.

Maybe I'll work on a set of instructions/drilling template for Rooster.

Aloha Skullboy:

That would be awesome! And, if you put it on Rooster's page, it would kick butt!!! Not to mention, we should put that in our Knowledgebase section as well... because you know that question will keep coming up!!!

Good Luck, let me know if I can help, I ordered three of his cheek rests and can make some procedures as well...


Tom O.
Great!!! Thanks for the info Skullboy! I was going to order one anyways just wanted to get some feedback like the do's and donts of this nifty add-on

nice, thanks guys!
That would be real helpful :)
I've been looking for a check rest that's similar to the one on the McMillan stocks forever.
Great find.

Looks great!!
Just one question I am waiting on my M1A to arrive from Tank's Rifle Shop in Nebraska. I currently have a Blackhawk Ballistic Material tie on cheek piece. I went with a M1A McMillan stock instead of the M2A or M3A because they are NOT competition legal. If I install this cheek piece will my McMillan Stock still be competition legal?
Ok guys, here is how I mounted my Rooster33 cheek rest.

I install mine on a bare stock with no buttplate.This seems to work the easiest.

1) First of all, tape off both sides of the stock to prevent splintering and scratching of the stock surface.

2) I have a 18" length of aluminum round stock that just fits nicely in the cleaning compartment.I insert the round stock into the TOP cleaning compartment hole.This lets you see the angle of the compartment in relation to the top of the stock comb. With the stock laying on one side, I then approximate the center of the aluminum rod, and use a steel straight edge and draw a line down the side of the stock.This line locates the center of the top compartment down the length of the stock.You will be drilling straight through the top compartment.

3)Position the cheek rest where you think it fits you best.The rear of my cheek rest is 2 1/8" from the rear of the buttstock(without the buttplate on!!!).When you have the cheek rest in position, level the top of the cheek rest even with the top of the stock.When the cheek rest is in position, mark the center of the cheek rest adjustment slots on the line you drew earlier.This is where you are going to drill through your stock.

4) I lightly center punch the holes.you will need a 23/64" drill bit for a snug fit of the mounting bolts.If you want a little room to play with, use a 3/8" drill bit.I used a drill press to drill my stocks.Make sure the stock is level and square before you start to drill so the bolts don't go through at an angle.I used little pieces of scrap wood to shim up the stock and make it square and level.I will be building a fixture for drilling the holes in the near future.

5) Drill through both sides of the stock.Use a light, even pressure so you don't chip/crack the back side of the stock.Once you have finished drilling, remove the protective tape and sand/file/clean up the holes.

6) Install cheek rest, adjust, and go shoot!!!!!

NOTE: The pics taken here are of an old beater stock I practice painting patterns on, and has the cheek rest holes already drilled.This is why I did not tape the stock sides.These pics are just to show the steps involved.

These instructions and pics can be e-mailed out to those who want them.


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great job skullboy.
I was working on instructions for installing my cheek rest, but I might as well throw them out, that is good work.
skullboy is also giving one of my stocks a makeover and also in stalling the cheek rest onto it.
although the price does not reflect, my cheek rest is a quality product.
thanks all,
rooster33 said:
although the price does not reflect, my cheek rest is a quality product.
I respect any manufacturer who doesn't raise the price just because the part is for a M-14. :D

Great job, I'll use those instructions when I install mine. Thanks
Me 2

I have several of them to do ...

Thanks skullboy ... :wink:

Received my package in the mail today from Laszlo and I gotta tell ya this stuff is loking real good now. :wink:

Been wantin' me one of his op rod spring guides ever since I saw one ...

My Poly is good to go with this little jewel ... :D

The cheekrest is very well made and looks very easy to install along with the assistance provided with skullboys post.

Ya definately have some winners here Laz ... :wink:

Thank You Sir! :D

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thanks Six,
your second shipment went out on Tuesday. the first one was fairly quick, record time, it usually takes more than a week, with customs and all.
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