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Hardness Testing a Receiver?

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ive got a somewhat stupid question. i have a sidemarked polytech receiver that im slightly curious about the hardness of. serial number 165xx.

at work the other day i noticed that we have an old school hardness tester that we use for checking crankshafts with. its the type that has the metal ball inside it -- you let it impact the part youre testing and you read the measurement on the side of the tool. obviously its non-destructive and its only going to test surface hardness.

would this be an acceptable way to see if my receiver is hard enough to trust? is it any more accurate than taking a file to it?

we use it on crankshafts that literally cost millions of dollars, but thats a different use and a different industry.

also, the tester has a current calibration sticker on it, if that matters to anyone.
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