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I was taking some pics of my Garands and it looked really lonely to have only half my rack filled, so I threw some of the 14's on there to make it look full, then I realized it was Half-N-Half!!! :lol:

Just so happens these are most of my "woodies" for the range, I like to keep my WhamoCamo custom stocks for "special" occasions.... :lol:


Tom O.
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nice rack!

sorry had to say it. looking good though tom.

that's just backwards isn't it? most people buy synthetics for the range and you baby em.
Hey Tom,

You keep that up and you'll have a walk in safe like SteveK. 8)
But,untill then,just keep'em as they are so we can get a good look see.


Fubar... I wouldn't know a better way to say it as well!!! Thanks! And, I guess you are right on the WhamoCamo stocks... but they are so impressive that I like to use up the "woodies" and I know I can repair, refinish and rebed a woodie but I have no talent for fixing a WhamoCamo stock! :-k So they stay at home for pics or when special friends drop over... 8-[

Warbird! Even in Hawaii, Security is a concern, so i keep most of my rifles locked up! I take them out mainly to work on, shoot and take pics.

Taking pictures is quickly becoming another passion with me! And, thanks for letting me share some of the ones I just took...


Tom O.
Looking good TomO. That last tiger is a standout at home or at the range.

Have Fun

Excellent, I am jealous, but that is Excellent
Very nice Tom O, next time I get to the Islands your place will be a site I'll have to visit. I only have two and they are both out of service at the moment......guess I'll have to press the black Mattel into service for awhile. By the way, thanks for looking for the item I need, I appreciate that.
Every time I see tiger stripe wood like that ; it makes me search out a wood stock for mine. Nice!
Looking good, Tom! It also looks like you need to build another rack. :-D
I love your passion for picture taking. Keep those pictures coming.


Aloha and Thanks for those nice thoughts... I really enjoy shooting pics of the rifles and try to get better at showing them.

Crash -CAF- is right, I do need another rack but then I have the problem of where to put it! ](*,) :-k ...

I will strive to take even better pics in the future... :lol:


Tom O.
Tom O's stocks

Tom- Love those beautiful tiger stripe stocks ! What figure and deep color-just real beauties. As said-What a rack !!!! Cap'n Bill :D :D
Mighty fine rack you have there Dig :p Especially the strategicly placed, Tony the Tiger triplets in the forground. Sounds like your going to need a safe just for your valueable Wamo Camo stocks and the Pele :lol:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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