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Hahn help

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Hi guys great sight. I am no expert on the m-14 trying to learn.
My most important question for the experts here will be is the gun legal for a regular Joe to own?
This gun was taken to a gun guru because the rod would disconnect from the bolt sometimes after many shots often blamed on cheap ammo.
The guru was not happy and said the gun was not legal to own.
So with a flashlight and Google and researching this site, the gun was discovered to have very lightly etched marks with "Hahn machine st Charles".
The selector switch will move but has never been switched to try at range.
Also the gun appears to have a modified number looks like heat was involved changing outside numbers it is now only stamped with two digits.
So what do the experts say legal or not
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Expert ? Me ? No how , no way
I would measure/inspect the op rod tab it may be out of spec
Also check the op rod guide for alignment and side to side rotational movement

I noticed Hahn filled in the mid dismount notch for compliance , I believe your guru freaked out with the selector mount and components still present on the receiver
You might want to neuter that
The rifle lived life as a M14 it was then de milled
Once the receiver was cut in pieces the ATF considered it scrap iron
Haun re welded the scrap pieces together and manufactured a semi auto rifle with a 2 digit serial number with ATF permission

The grey area is the presence of the selector mount and switch still on the receiver

Get a grinder and grind it off then enjoy shooting your semi auto rifle
No NFA no letters no paperwork because Haun did that already

It should look like this
View attachment 107642
Ok thank you all for the help. I'm assuming I will grind selector switch because the gun cannot be disassembled and selector removed manually.
This gun is one of the finest shooting guns I have had my hands on when properly operating, my guy did say it needed a new roller and I'm sure I can find one here from a member.
Not true check out our own tonybens u tube videos on field stripping and cleaning it's some pretty good stuff to learn by
You will have to break it down to find and fix your op rod issue too
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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