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Gunsmith in St. Louis

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I don't know if this is the right place for asking a question about a gunsmith but here it is. If this is not the place, sorry.

Does anyone out there know a good gunsmith in the St.Louis ,Mo area that knows how to work on M1A and Sage EBR stocks. Looking to get a Sage EBR for my M1A and need it installed correctly.

Thanks for the help and advice.
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Well I have decided to sell, trade my Socom II away. I am unable to correct the accuracy problem and can not get Springfield to return my emails for help. Will trade it for a AR style 308. Will not buy another Socom, or anything else from Springfield.
don't give up on SAI, just call them, they are old fashioned Email is not a reliable communication medium for some folks, they probably are losing your mails in the filter (you likely have a virus or something)

SAI has VERY good customer service..

all you gotta do is tell them your rifle is broke, don't go into where you got it or anything.

its not very hard to install with patience

its a drop in stock, no gunsmithing really.

Just gotta remove the old operating rod guide (i pounded mine off with a hammer)

heres my instructional video i made.
i am not a gunsmith

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I am also curious if you had someone else shoot the rifle?

watch the vid see if you did it all right.

if you drop into a sage and don't get at least <8MOA its likely the shooter, its not like the barrel is made of aluminum or something.

what am i missing here. just check it out maybe your doing something wrong with how you put the rifle together.

what rifle do you have that shoots better? (other than your bolt guns)

owned any other semi autos?
I am across the river near Scott AFB,Fairview Heights / Shiloh straight up I64. If you want I can help you. I helped a buddy drop his into a sage stock. NO biggie let me know
I had a gunsmith put the rifle together and he removed the op guide( I think that is what it is called) and replaced it with the one that came with the stock and we made sure the red dot was facing forward, and barrel nut it set just against the barrel.

I, my son who is a marine, the gunsmith all are having accuracy problem. No accuracy past 75 yards. Used different ammo, scopes, mounts, nothing. I also have a full size M1A with a Millet 4-16x50 scope and I can hit the target at 100 yards. Son has a DPMS 20 inch 308 semi and we hit the target within a moa.

Gun been in shop since Christmas 2011, and the gunsmith can not find the problem, and I can not find anyone in the St. Louis area the knows how to properly work on those types of rifles and stocks. So if you have any idea's please let me know because I am all ears!!

Thanks for the video, will ck it out this weekend.
Charles I might just do that. I will get back with you first of the week and see what your schedule is like and then we can meet up. I do appreciate the offer for assistance.
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