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Grenade Launcher Page Up and T44 vs T44E4

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I have recently authored a web page dealing with Grenade Launchers for the T44, T44E4, and M14. Before going there you may want to visit the discussion here. It shows that many collectors (and many dealers) use the term T44 when referring to the developmental version of the M14. The T44 was an entirely different rifle. The developmental version of the M14 was designated as the T44E4, the fourth major design change from the orginal T44.

Here is the web page on the Grenade Launchers.
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Different got a sneak preview of the GL page. At that time I was not sure the other flash suppressor was for the T44 and I had it listed as "unknown". I am now reasonably sure it is for the T44.

Sorry to confuse matters Lee.
No problem, Bill. :D
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