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AS is my wont, I have jumped in here with both feet without properly introducing myself. Please excuse my lack of manners. I may not have gotten through finishing school, but at a minimum I am housebroken!

I am here to learn from them's that know and contribute what little I know to the overall pool of knowhow here.

I took up shooting again in 2008 and at the behest of a friend I attended an Appleseed in Hernando Cty, FL. I liked the folks I met and the instruction so well, I persevered in the program and progressed from shooter, to rifleman, to instructor in training to instructor to shoot boss. I am proud to be a volunteer with this organization and help others learn the skill sets of shooting and a love of our Nation's heritage.

I am based outside of Fayetteville, NC and am a member in good standing at PSR 37 range. I also shoot at the home range from Appleseed in Ramseur, NC.

I currently run 3 rifles in the M14 vein. My first is a USGI build on a 90's era Armscorp receiver with a Nomura 9-92 NM barrel. I have a Glen Nelson supermatch that was built in the early 80's with a Barnett barrel that needs a skim job on the bedding by now. (will be researching that heavily before I attempt) Finally I have an M25 with a Kreiger barrel that's built into a JAE gen 3 that I am building into an EBR as funds allow.

I shoot Garand Matches at the CMP Eastern Games in Butner and I'm always glad to meet new people if you attend.

I look forward to talking with the members here although I will be doing more listening than speaking for a good long while as I have so much to learn about the history and function of the M14 platform.

Thanks in advance to those that built and those that work to maintain this place. It's been a boon to me thus far.

I lost all of my rifles & handguns in a mishap on Rio Grande when the barge hit a sandbar and sank.
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Welcome on board thaifighter, this here Gun Board is full of info on our beloved M14 battlerifle. Enjoy the site and post often.

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Welcome to the Forum from Roswell, Georgia!

It sounds like you have contributed greatly to the cause with Appleseed -> we all learn toghether here....

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