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Greetings from the Badger State

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Hello Forum - Glad to be able to access the world of experience and information here on the M14 Forum! I have a JRA M14F and am very interested in shooting my rifle and learning more about the history of the M14. Glad to be a new user!
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Welcome on board USRoady, pull up an old ammunition crate and sit awhile. This here Gun Board is a great place for information on our beloved M14 Battlerifle and military surplus ammunition for feeding her. Again welcome on board and have yourself a great week. Thank you for your service to our country, America is better off because of you.

Welcome to the forum from a fellow Cheesehead!
Welcome from your neighbor to the West.
Welcome from the VA foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains.
Welcome aboard from NW Wi...

Welcome form Southern California.

Semper Fi!
Welcome from Kentucky!
Welcome to the forum from central MS.
Welcome from Oregon.
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