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Great shooter!!!

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I have just fired my HRA Garand for the first time Sunday and I was very pleased to say the least.I paid $500.00 for the rifle and its has all U.S.G.I. parts.S.A. bolt, barrel, triggergroup and oprod.The barrel is bright and shineyI dont have a t/e guage but doing the bullet in the end of the barrel trick it looked lke the muzzle had little wear.The rifle shot 2in groups at 100yrds.So my next step is to get it to Warbird for a reparkerizing job and I just picked up a tiger birch stock set from Hawk.Now maybe shell look as good as she shoots.I want to show a few before pics and hopefully before long.....I can show the after photos :D .Thanks for looking Ray
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Congrats RAYGUN.
Nothing more satisfying than hearing that "ping", huh? Good high serial # on that one too. She looks a little lonely though.
:lol: (just trying to be my normal bad influence)
I've almost got the wife convinced that I NEED a third M1 so that I can use the stacking swivels :mrgreen: She just pats me on the head and says "yes dear."
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