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thought I'd beat it, been maybe 10 years ago since I had my last fix . .
Figured it was all behind me because it had been so long since I'd gotten high . . .
Even sold my "Works" a pristine IHC M1 Garand . . .
Kept a few things though . . .

A few weeks ago I was overwhelmed with that burning desire to get off again . . .
So I bought another Garand and now I'm a full blown Garand junkie again!
My wife doesn't know yet . . . I'll work on her gradually, bring her around to my thinking . . .
Living without a Garand is a hard life . . . It's been Hell for me for the last ten years . . .

So now that I've admitted I'm off the wagon publically . .
Thought I'd share with youse guys (that's NY accent there) some of my secret stash I've hidden away all these years.
This stuff is just the top of the stash which no one knew I had.

So here goes . . pics of my Garand Secret Stash!
Wood Engineering Machine Hardwood Office equipment

Wood Automotive design Vehicle door Trunk Machine

Bag Khaki Comfort Personal protective equipment Outdoor shoe

Hand tool Wood Scratch awl Tool Kitchen utensil

Desk Table Automotive design Office equipment Wood

Table Wood Desk Audio equipment Tool

Wood Glove Khaki Personal protective equipment Metal

Handwriting Wood Font Gas Nameplate

Motor vehicle Gas Machine Ammunition box Metal

Now for my REAL WORKS!
Better close ups coming soon . . .
Wood Air gun Shotgun Trigger Gun barrel

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Oh goodness, you are making miss my old post-Korea Springfield!

Thankfully, the wife only asks that I let her know and don’t hide an acquisition. She gets her bikes, I get my rifle. Although explaining why a .308 Garand is a completely different beast takes some doing.
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